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Disclaimer: contributions posted on this site are intended for the interest and benefit of members. The views expressed on these pages are those of the contributors and do not necessarily represent the views of the AAGP.



The Patient, The Painting and the Social Unconscious

‘Gay Literature’ and Black Holes in the Social Unconscious

Paper by Peter Hengstberger

Word document. Added 7/12/18


The Northfield Experiments 70 Years On

Presentation by Paul Coombe to AAGP Melbourne Conference 18.11.18

Word Document. Added 7/12/18


The persistence of magic and religion in contemporary medicine and psychotherapy 

Paper by Henry Luiker, Group Analysis (2019), first presented at Sydney Meeting March 2017


"Fear and Loathing in Sydney" - Sydney Meeting March 2017

Presentation by Tim Johnson-Newell


"Between the Writer and the Reader 5 with Maurice Whelan" - Sydney Meeting March 2017

Report by Paul Coombe


Notes from the Brisbane Conference 2016

Summary of Mary O'Brien's presentation

word format

Presentation by Dr Hilary Armstrong

AAGP Sydney Meeting 2016: 'Ethical Literacy'

Powerpoint Format

AAGP Sydney Meeting 2016: 'Mapping the boundaries of Psychotherapy: Can of Worms or Moral Endeavour?'

Outline of Tim Johnson-Newell's presentation on his PhD research

Word format


AAGP Sydney Meeting 2016: 'The Spiritual in Psychotherapy'

Summary of presentation by Eng-Kong Tan

PDF format


AAGP Brisbane Meeting 2016: 'Between the Writer and the Reader', co-hosted by AAGP and The Sea of Faith

Review by Paul Coombe

Word format


AAGP Annual General Meeting 14 November 2015: 'Beyond Gallipoli – Bion and His Legacy'

Summary by Christine Brett Vickers

Word format


AAGP Annual General Meeting 14 November 2015: 'Beyond Gallipoli - Bion and his Legacy' – application and development of Bion’s ideas to organisations today

Dr Allan Shafer

Word format


Group Therapy

Australian Association of Group Psychotherapists

A comprehensive question-and-answer discussion of Group Therapy: who can benefit, how are groups structured and run, what kind of groups are there, how helpful are groups, how to find a suitable group

PDF format


Clearing the enigma or The sphinx, a group and place (revised)

Craig san Roque

paper presented to the Sydney Scientific Meeting, February 2008

PDF format


Cultivating Difference: the Theory of Group Formation and Group Cohesion according to Emile Durkheim

Rob Gordon

PDF format


The Group and the Individual: the Median Group

O. H. D. Blomfield

Word format


Group Therapy

Dr Sabar Rustomjee

PowerPoint presentation


Human Destructiveness: an Essay on Instinct, Foetal Existence and Infancy

O. H. D. Blomfield

Int. Rev. Psycho–Anal. (1987)

PDF format


My Psychoanalytic Journey

Herbert Hahn

Word document


A Non-Directive Method of Group Psychotherapy

Francis W. Graham

The Medical Journal of Australia (1957)

PDF format


On the Social Unconscious – part 1

Vicki Zola and Paul Coombe

PowerPoint presentation


On the Social Unconscious – part 2

Vicki Zola and Paul Coombe

PowerPoint presentation


William Shakespeare as Psychotherapist

Paul Coombe

Int. J. Appl. Psychoanal. Studies (2012) Published online in Wiley Online Library (wileyonlinelibrary.com) DOI: 10.1002/aps.1313

PDF format


Dr Raj Persaud's interview with Paul Coombe, on his paper "William Shakespeare as Psychotherapist'

Youtube video segment


Reflections on the Identity and Structure of an Australian Institute of Psychotherapy

Antony Gleeson

Word document


Death and the Dynamics of Group Life

Fiona McDermott, Christine Hill and Ann Morgan

PDF format


Individual and Group Psychotherapy with Infertile Couples

George Christie and Ann Morgan

Word format